Location Registration and Recognition (LRR) Source Code

The LRR algorithm takes (a) two temporally separated CT scans, I1 and I2, and (b) a series of locations in I1, and it produces, for each location, an affine transformation mapping the locations and their immediate neighborhood from I1 to I2.

Vessel Extraction Command-Line Executable

This executable will run Likelihood Ratio Vesselness (LRV) tracing to extract vessel centerlines. It will also extract landmarks (vessel branching and cross over points) which are repeatable features that could be used for registration or tracking.

Vessel Classification Command-Line Executable

This executable will run pixel-wise classification using Likelihood Ratio Vesselness (LRV) measure. It will produce classification maps where each pixel corresponding to the highest vesselness.

Generalized Dual Bootstrap-ICP executable

Fully-automated 2D image registration algorithm which can can handle substantial illumination differences between images and substantial physical changes in the scene. When given two images that do not overlap or do not contain sufficient common structure, the algorithm indicates that the images can not be registered.

Image Data Sets