I am currently a principal scientist at 4Catalyzer in New York working on various research problems to launch exciting products. 4Catalyzer is focused on developing new types of sensors and pairing them with deep learning to get a window into biology and medicine that nobody has ever had before. From the 4Catalyzer companies, I am mostly involved with Butterfly Nework and Hyperfine Research. Contact me if you are looking for an internship or permanent position in deep learning for medical image analysis.

Before coming to New York, I was a senior technical leader in the Cisco’s Cognitive Threat Analytics team in Prague, Czech Republic. The group grew out of an university startup acquired by Cisco in 2013 and is a leader in designing new machine learning algorithms for malicious network traffic detection. Prior to Cisco, I worked as a senior scientist and project leader at Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, New Jersey. The top industrial R&D lab provides image analytics solutions for Siemens business units and external customers. I got my PhD at the Department of Computer Science at RPI.